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The Success Codex is a revolutionary system that helps Soul-Led Entrepreneurs *like you* to create RADICAL SUCCESS in your business by leading with your Natural Genius.

The Success Codex translates the traditional gates, keys, planets + lines of Human Design, Gene Keys + Astrology, through a Modern Entrepreneurial lens, illuminating the Path of Least Resistance to an IMPACTFUL, SUSTAINABLE and LUCRATIVE business!

By unlocking the 13 Gateways of the 4 Success sequences (impact, wealth, balance + transformation), whether you are a rising or seasoned entrepreneur, you can embody your most authentic + aligned path to success!

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Meet Ankhara -

Hey! I'm Ankhara Rose, M.Ed - a Sacred Business Strategist and the creator of The Success Codex!  As a 3/6 pure generator with my sun in Keycode 62 (Decoding - The Translator), I trusted + followed my genius in synthesizing + translating what I believe are the most powerful AND empowering business aspects of Human Design, Gene Keys + Astrology, into a new, more practical and tangible system just to support Soul-Led Entrepreneurs in creating wildly successful businesses, built around their natural genius!

Let's dive into your Success Codex, heart-first, together!


Explore the keywords of the 64 Keycodes:
  • Keycode Genius
  • Archetype
  • Alignment Cue
  • Out-of-Alignment Cue
  • Human Design Center
  • Astro Sign

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- Agate Maluhina
   Sustainable InterioR Designer

Just wanted to send you a few more words of gratitude for yesterday's session. Thank you so much!

I feel so empowered and so much more confident in myself and what's to come, and this is really priceless.

It's amazing what you do!! Thank you again!

   WEALTH + Business Mentor

I’ve done gene keys and human design for YEARS and I love them both, but The Success Codex made all of my gifts/paths so tangible and understandable for my mind!

Ankhara has a way of making really 5d/7d concepts become tangible into the 3d world so you can actually work with them in your every day business and money, creation, life!

Thank you SO much for the incredible reading! I feel so seen, supported and enlivened by it. What you offer is truly unique and SO helpful in seeing our own 'blind spots' in business. Anyone who has the opportunity to receive your sacred wisdom, should absolutely book some time with you!

I feel aligned to my mission more now that my whole self can get 'on board' with how I show up online. So much love and gratitude!

   OWNER, Embodied Dance ®️

Since the reading, my usual anxiety about the unknown future has been low and I'm extremely confident about the actions I'm taking in my business.

If you're on the fence about booking a reading, I recommend hopping on the fence and straight into her calendar. I'll definitely be working with Ankhara again in the future!


Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and insights with the Success Codex. It is given me a lot to think about especially since I am transitioning from engineering back into management.

Our conversation has already helped me realize my strengths and where leading people is easy or hard for me or when I am in or out of flow.

- SCOTT Krajca

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