About The Success Codex

The Success Codex is a revolutionary new system designed to support Soul-Led Entrepreneurs to create aligned, authentic, profitable + sustainable success in their businesses, by leveraging their natural genius!

Inspired by Astrology, Human Design + Gene Keys, The Success Codex reveals your specific genius (KEYCODES) within the context of 13 essential aspects of business (GATEWAYS), as well as how you are designed to embody them (APPROACH).

Entrepreneurs can explore the 4 main contexts of focus in business, based on the biggest challenges they face (SUCCESS PATHS).

Select an aspect of The Success Codex to explore below!



The Success Codex KEYCODES are 64 unique expressions of Genius, inspired by the Human Design Gates + Gene Keys, and most importantly, translated through the lens of entrepreneurial success.

The Success Codex Keycodes are meant to be more tangible, more practical and more applicable to the real-world challenges + dreams of a modern-day entrepreneur.

On your Codex, you will see several insights for each keycode:

NUMBER (1-64)






You will also see the Keycode's APPROACH (see below), written as a decimal (known as its Line in Human Design + Gene Keys), and it's APPROACH PHRASE.



The GATEWAYS are 13 planets + planetary aspects filtered through the guiding questions:

How does the essence of this planet support my growth as an entrepreneur?

How does my genius (KEYCODE) and my APPROACH (Line) unlock its potential in my business?

Below you'll see the themes of the 13 Gateways and where they are located on The Success Codex: Attraction, Capacity, Core Essence, Expansion, Expression, Flow, Impression, Initiative, Leadership, Permission, Purpose, Rebirth + Structure.

Success Paths

Success Paths

TRANSFORMATION: Anchor, Permission, Initiative, Rebirth

BALANCE: Center, Structure, Flow, Purpose

GROWTH: Brand, Expansion, Attraction, Capacity

IMPACT: Visibility, Impression, Expression, Leadership

The SUCCESS PATHS help entrepreneurs reach new levels of embodied authenticity + success within 4 main contexts of business:



In The Success Codex, the traditional 6 Lines of the Human Design system (the decimal number of each of your Keycodes) are known as APPROACHES.

These approaches help you understand what to leverage and embody to more easily and effectively access the genius of your keycode AND the impact of its gateway!

Unlike Human Design that gives you a generalized word for each of the Lines 1-6, the Keycode APPROACH changes, depending on what Gateway it is being explored through.

On your Codex, you will see short phrases such as:

Cultivate your SELF-TRUST

Your inner resource: KNOWLEDGE

Initiate with BOLDNESS.

These phrases are meant to be little reminders about how to approach the keycode and gateway.

Meet Ankhara -

I'm Ankhara Rose, M.Ed - a Sacred Business Strategist and the creator of The Success Codex!  As a 3/6 pure generator with my sun in Keycode 62 (Decoding - The Translator), I trusted + followed my genius in synthesizing + translating what I believe are the most powerful AND empowering business aspects of Human Design, Gene Keys + Astrology, into a new, more practical and tangible system just to support Soul-Led Entrepreneurs in creating wildly successful businesses, built around their natural genius!

Let's dive into your Success Codex, heart-first, together!


Hey! I'm Ankhara!