Open to Greater Visibility + Lead with Service 

Speak Your Truth + Harness Your Communication Superpower

Leverage Your Impression + Create Resonance and Trust

Be Seen as Your True Self + Tap into Deep Fulfillment

It's time to tap into the magic you were born to shine...

An 8-Week Success Codex Journey through the IMPACT PATH


The more you allow yourself to Show Up, Be Seen & Serve as your Authentic Self, the easier it is to Get Out of Your Own Way and Serve...

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  • 4x bi-weekly trainings on the Impact Path Gateways + their Approaches (Lines)
  • 4x bi-weekly Q+A/Discussions/Wisdom Shares

  • Embodiment + Application Practices
  • Workbook for each Gateway
  • A Custom Success Codex (if you don't have your codex saved)

Join Ankhara Rose in this live, 8-week journey to explore Your Unique Path to Creating Meaningful Impact + Powerful Visibility through the Impact Path!



You are invited to...

Wednesdays 11am EST (New York)*
March 20-May 8

*Replays will be available for every call


There is no freedom like the freedom to be yourself...

In an unofficial way, yes!

This journey is for anyone who wants to explore being more of yourself in your visibility, expression, impact and leadership!

Because this program includes both knowledge (in the trainings) and application (during discussion weeks), this will give you a truly well-rounded understanding of the potential of aligning to your Impact Path gateways!

If you plan to be a Success Codex Reader (or use it in readings), this understanding is essential for you to truly serve your clients in not just understanding but applying these keycodes to their business...

Because application is where we see results!

Is this part of the upcoming Reader Training?
Live calls will be Wednesdays from 11am -2pm (ish) EST (New York) from March 20 - May 8.

Coming live is optimal, but every call will be recorded and uploaded to the portal within 24 hours!

The schedule is as follows:

  • March 20 - Welcome + Visibility {Sun} training
  • March 27 - Discussion/Q+A on Visibility/Sun/Fulfillment
  • April 3 - Expression {Mercury} training
  • April 10 - Discussion/Q+A on Expression/the Voice
  • April 17 - Impression {Rising} training
  • ***April 25- Discussion/Q+A on Impression (THURSDAY)
  • May 1 - Leadership {Midheaven} training
  • May 8 - Discussion/Q+A on Leadership
What is the schedule? What if I can't make the live calls?

Anyone who participates can request a Custom Codex! 

I do ask that you only request one if you have not downloaded your codex from Genetic Matrix.

If you only need an Impact Path view created, please let me know on the form!

Does everyone get a custom codex?

This program is intended as a personal exploration of your Impact Path.

You can take your new insights and share them with your friends and clients in readings, but all recordings, replays, workbooks, audios, or chats are  for personal use only, and are not allowed to be shared or distributed without permission.

If you would like to translate portions of this program, please email!

How can I use the materials + contents of this program?

I am happy to answer any of your questions before you sign up!

Just send me an email at :)

I still have questions! Who should I contact?
Sign Up Here!
I can't wait to journey with you!